Bar Exam Tutoring Session (Three Session)

Bar Exam Tutoring Session (Three Session)

Three Sessions: Barcast’s one-hour session is the perfect tool for those students looking to focus on: 

  • General bar exam strategy tips on one section of the exam (MBE, MEE, MPT)
  • One bar exam subject -- In addition to the live, one-on-one session with a bar exam expert, you will receive one(1) set of subject–specific attack sheet(s) and one essay graded by your tutor on that subject.
  • Note: Because this session is only an hour, we strongly suggest students come prepared with topics to focus on or specific questions. If you do not have any, we will cover general test strategies as well as the most highly tested and difficult topics for the subject(s) you are interested in discussing. 

This package price includes:

  1. The live session
  2. Electronic outline; AND 
  3. Graded Essay 

Lower Class Rank? Our Tutors Can Help!

A bar course alone cannot relatively improve your chances of passing. If you are ranked in the lower part of your law school class, the National Conference of Bar Examiners recommends that you do more to prepare for the bar exam than simply taking a standard course. Our tutors will help you develop strong exam techniques and powerful study tactics to help ensure that your first time taking the bar is your last time! 



I came to Barcast with about a month left until bar exam time with hopes of bringing up my scores to passing. Working with Doc was the number one reason I ended up passing. Doc helped me identifying my weakest areas and fix my mistakes and to maximize the time I had remaining. Doc's essay tips helped me score nearly 21 points above passing. I can’t recommend Barcast tutoring enough to anyone preparing for the Bar!

-Nicole, Suffolk Law, Passed UBE

I attempted the bar exam twice before and was so discouraged. My essay timing was totally off and I kept running out of time on the MBE. It only took one tutoring session with Erica to totally change my strategies on both.  I met for one on one tutoring for the MBE with Meagan which I found to be very helpful when it came to strategies. I highly recommend Barcast and Erica! 

-Camilla, Retaker, Passed UBE


SO HAPPY I PASSED! Thank you Barcast for taking the time to answer all my questions (even the silly ones) questions and grading my essays and providing feedback. I had no idea how to structure my essays until our sessions started and I ended up being SAVED by my essays. 

I also am so thankful for Barcast's audio flashcards and attack sheets. I was overwhelmed by the amount of material my other bar prep company provided and Barcast did such a great job of streamlining everything.

I could not have passed without Barcast tutoring!

-Missy, UNC Law, Passed UBE on first attempt. 


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