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Audio Outlines

Tire of reading? Access audio lectures aimed at teaching you the black letter law for all of your 1L subjects? Detailed hypotheticals, helpful mnemonics, and audio flashcards make this the SECRET WEAPON you need to crush your 1L year.

Audio Case Briefs

Don’t have time to read for class? Barcast’s first-of-their-kind podcast-like Audio Case Briefs are designed specifically to be listened to during your commute, at the gym, and on-the-go. Just download the SOUNDWISE app on your mobile device, sign in, and get started listening.

Printable Outlines and Attack Sheets

Access expertly crafted outlines keyed to some of the most common case books. From full outlines to essay attack sheets, our team will provide you with all the tools you need to maximize your study time!

One-of-a-Kind Flashcards

Access Barcast's one-of-a-kind Anki flashcards, which use spatial learning techniques to ensure you're quizzed more often on the information you struggle with, and tested less often on the material you have down pat.

Hundreds of Printable Case Briefs

Avoid the busywork of briefing cases and ensure that you're prepared for those dreaded cold calls.

Audio Flashcards

Access Audio Flashcards for each subject, designed to help you nail down your rule statements in the days leading up to final exams

The difference between a dominating and disappointing 1l year is all in the preparation

Your first year of law school can be a BEAST, and without a gameplan, you can quickly find yourself drowning amid the workload. Between briefing cases, outlining, and studying for finals, mastering all you need to finish at the top of your class and feel like an impossible task.

Barcast’s 1L Maststery Program is designed help you get to a place where you maximize your time and develop the gameplan YOU need to break the curve and give yourself the BEST chance at finishing at the TOP of your class.

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Barcast's 1L Mastery Program is INCREDIBLE!

I felt SO overwhelmed at the start of the semester! Barcast's program gave me all the materials needed to feel confident for finals. I saved so much time briefing cases and outling with Barcast's amazing audio outlines outlines and AMAZING attack sheets! I ended up ranking near the top of my class after 1L and I seriously could not have done it without Barcast!


Touro Law

A law school CHEAT CODE!

The audio outlines make this program worth it alone!! But the Anki flashcards were great to help build up my weaker areas of Con Law and avoid repeating areas I knew I had covered. I had never even heard of Anki before this but I'll be using the strategies I learned throughout the rest of law school!


Miami Law

The BEST DECISION I made 1L year!

The audio case briefs were perfect for studying during my commute and the attack sheets were the best study materials I could have imagined. Barcast was the single reason I single reason I got an A in Contracts and Torts!


Fordham Law

10/10 would recommend!

My Barcast advisor was PERFECT and helped convince that breaking the curve was doable. The materials provided were THE ONLY reason I kept my scholarship!


Pepperdine Law

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